A woman owned moving companies perspective on being smart and staying safe.

I will never forget the first thing I heard when I opened my Moving company in 2012. She’s going to get eaten alive. This comment was from a man with a plumber’s crack, a cigarette hanging from his mouth and black dirt under his nail beds. That’s fair and it was true, I did get eaten alive, bullied, manipulated, tricked and taken advantage of. Did I run? Yes, the answer is yes, many times. Am I still here? Yes, the answer is yes. Why you ask? Because nothing comes in between me making a living and feeding my family.
Having a woman owned moving company in a man’s world was not what I expected to be doing with my life, but it fell in my lap and I went with it. I learned from the beginning, I built the stepping blocks, followed the pattern and figured it out. I would like to share my knowledge with my fellow sisters to ensure a successful move.
Society has shown that women are the main decision makers in the home when it comes to home improvements, purchasing, maintenance and moving. Women were my biggest fans, my biggest competition and most definitely my biggest critics. This is when I realized that it’s not a man’s industry at all.
Women customers come strong at first. They expect to be taken for a ride, they have heard the rumors and the terrible stories and they are ready with their invisible armor to protect their belongings and their check book. I am about to share some insightful tips on how to do just that when it comes to the big Long Distance Move. Follow me.
Most companies will follow a steady tariff based on weight which I think is the most ridiculous thing. How can any overgrown dufus decide how much your china cabinet weighs? A big manipulative tactic a moving company sales executive will use is “don’t go with a company that estimates the cost of your move based on space”. That’s because this guy knows that he will under estimate your weight so much that he will be inclined to raise your cost of the move when they arrive. They will show you the weight ticket at the weigh station because we have to stop on the interstate in every state. This is his amo and makes him look legit. So your $2,200 move just jumped to $4,000. The best thing to do is to get a flat rate price written “not to exceed”. If a company cannot give you that then it’s obvious what they are going for.
Follow this spot right here where I will go on to talk about packing charges, incidentals/extras and hidden contract tricks, Insurance laws and permits.

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Packing, Sorting & Organizing


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Another Happy Customer

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Nicole W. West Palm

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Why Choose Move For You Inc

  • Senior discounts
  • Competitive rates for local and statewide
  • Free estimates
  • Security: We screen our people carefully. Full background checks
  • Communication: We have dedicated workers that are easy to work with
  • Performance: Courteous, timely, and efficient moving
  • Climate controlled storage
  • Guaranteed moving dates
  • Night and weekend availability
  • Safe and smooth move
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For Your Company And/Or Home, We Offer:

  • Dedicated crew leaders – point of contact
  • Top experienced movers
  • Proper equipment
  • Courteous, timely, and efficient workers
  • Attention to policies and regulations of property
  • Great movers with a long history of moving
  • We will not block pathways or other entrances or exits
  • We will tailor a plan just for your property
  • Full insurance is offered
  • No hidden fees

We would be happy to come in and give you an estimate. We are open to all suggestions and are very flexible with your needs. We want to provide the service you need and make your moving less stressed.

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